About Us

SAHQ (pronounced “sack”) is your headquarters for performance training and sports nutrition education year round. Our programs focus on building strength, power, speed, quickness, and endurance specific to each sport and athlete, while also creating greater mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential. Being prepared physically and mentally is essential to gaining a competitive edge and enjoying a successful career.

Our mission is to inspire student athletes to become the best they’re capable of becoming and to prepare and place them in collegiate programs. We extend that training mentality to people of all ages and abilities, designing individualized programs for adults and non-athletes.

About SAHQ

We offer classes for all ages in all sports. D1 SAHQ training is geared for high school and college athletes, D2 SAHQ training is geared for ages 7-13 years old and our ZOOM program is for ages 3-6 years old. We also offer training for Adults in our Adult RIPT Challenges. First class is always free, we encourage you to come try it out and get to see how we function as a SAHQ Family.

SAHQ Backers consist of our SAHQ Family and community members who partner with us in supporting our student athletes. Mentors, Volunteers and those who provide financial support are vital part of our program’s success.

Our “Backers” are managed by the SAHQ Foundation. The SAHQ Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization utilizing a student’s love for sports to empower, motivate and inspire excellence in every aspect of their lives. Sport draws on an individual’s strengths, exposes their weaknesses and expands their capacity to perform under pressure. It provides opportunities to take on new challenges and overcome adversity. SAHQ Foundation utilizes a student’s emerging talent, energy, passion, curiosity and strength to instill hope and a positive outlook on life; supporting them as they become productive members of our community.