Attack the Summer Series

Not just another Summer camp!

ATS started 7 years ago in the San Diego area providing athletes with the focused and intense training they need to prepare for the next level. This camp is geared to push you past your physical and mental limitations and drastically improve your performance in a short amount of time. The coaches create workouts that challenge you, build your individual capacity and improve your ability to work within a team dynamic. Mental skills like work ethic, staying focused when fatigued, communicating and making smart choices are just as important to athletic outcomes as strength, speed, reaction time and skill.

Attack the Summer

A normal day of Attack the Summer starts at 9 am with a team stretch at the SAHQ facility. Following the stretch we leave for our speed and conditioning workout at various locations around the city of Albuquerque. Sand hills, stadiums, stairs and field work are used to challenge and motivate our athletes to do things beyond what they thought they were capable of, accomplishing it as a team. No one quits and no one is left behind. Athletes then come back to the facility to rest, recover and refuel followed by an hour of Yoga. In the afternoon, after the athletes have had a chance to eat lunch and relax, we break up into sports specific groups to hone individual skills. Prior to our last training session of the day, each group refuels and cleans up their assigned areas. SAHQ class is from 5-6:30 and focuses on footwork, speed, agility and strength training.

It is important that we educate our athlete’s on nutrition, stretching and resting as part of their training. Education is first on our priorities and we do our best to provide them with guidance in the classroom if needed over the summer.
Our program is led by volunteer coaches who have played at the high D1 level and coached collegiately. They often volunteer 14+ hour days during camp and train alongside the youth, leading by example.
Attack the Summer Series has prepared kids of all ages for their next level, ranging from 7 years old to college. Camps run weekly and a discount is realized when you attend 3 or more weeks. We suggest that athletes attend at least 2 weeks and have had many come for the entire series of 6-7 weeks, realizing the most significant improvements. It will likely be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done - and one of the most rewarding.

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Attack the Summer

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