Attack the Winter Series

The Christmas holiday can be full of over indulging and lounging around that takes your performance backwards or an opportunity to move ahead while your opponents are taking a break.
ATW is our one week version of Attack the Summer!
We initiated this camp 5 years ago when we first opened SAHQ in Albuquerque to serve our student athletes during the winter break when most kids get out of shape and eat too much. The dates align with the APS winter break schedule finishing up before school starts back up in January. We spend the week following Christmas to re-focus our goals and invest our time off into something productive. It give athletes who are new to the Attack camps the opportunity to experience the training and help them prepare for the expectations during the ATS camp.
It is an amazing off season training opportunity for all ages and many of our college athletes have come home for their break to participate in ATW.
Dress warm and Attack the Winter with us this year!

*Please see our Attack the Summer Bio for full details on how camp is run.

Attack the Winter
Attack the Winter