SAHQ Backers consist of our SAHQ Family and community members who partner with us in supporting our student athletes. Mentors, Volunteers and those who provide financial support are a vital part of our program’s success.


Volunteers are needed to extend our reach within the community. You can come in one time as a speaker or get involved on a more regular basis. Share your expertise and inspire our kids to dream big – encourage them to do great things and get involved in the community around them. You can provide help with tutoring, help us to raise funds, assist in coaching a sport, use your talents to keep our facilities looking nice and operating smoothly, you can be there as a training partner or help in planning special events. Whatever your talents, the time you invest in our youth plants a seed that will produce a harvest for years to come.


We invite you to join us in sharing your insights and perspective on life;to walk alongside one student athlete as they pursue their dreams. Most people give up on their dreams because of a lack of confidence. Something inside that tells them to quit. We need strong men and women to walk along our students and coaches – to listen when they struggle so they know someone is in their corner. You will help them to overcome adversity, see challenges as a positive part of life, and keep them believing in their ability to succeed. Having just one person who cares can change the trajectory of a person’s life, literally.


SAHQ is a group effort and is defined by the lives we are able to impact. As we grow our base of support, the easier it is to focus on the people who have walked through our doors with a dream for a better future. Donations and sponsorship go a long way in providing services and increasing the personal time we have to invest in individual lives. We can expand our outreach to the underprivileged and increase the opportunity for a student athlete to attain a higher education. Donate to our 501c3 today.

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Corporate Volunteers

Investing in Albuquerque’s youth is the best business decision you can ever make. Healthier and more active communities attract new businesses and new employees. They cost less to operate and thereby contribute to economic as well as social development. Vigorous, well- educated communities create an environment that is clearly more conducive to business growth and bottom line success.
Enriched communities also benefit those who live in them, so employees who get involved in their own communities directly and indirectly reap the rewards of their own efforts for themselves and their families. (Graff, 2004) Our “Backers” are managed by the SAHQ Foundation. The SAHQ Foundation is a non profit 501c3 organization utilizing a student’s love for sports to empower, motivate and inspire excellence in every aspect of their lives. Sport draws on an individual’s strengths, exposes their weaknesses and expands their capacity to perform under pressure. It provides opportunities to take on new challenges and overcome adversity.
SAHQ Foundation utilizes a student’s emerging talent, energy, passion, curiosity and strength to instill hope and a positive outlook on life; supporting them as they become productive members of our community.