SAHQ Basketball is a competitive program emphasizing player development and the mastery of fundamental skills. We do not hold tryouts but require each member to be fully committed to their training, the team and to the program. Each team is formed based on a combination of age, gender, grade and skill level but we function as one club. Our teams participate in a winter league and tournaments year around. If you are interested in playing with one of our teams, please contact Coach Rode at

Charlotte Rode has been coaching basketball in Albuquerque for 30 years and founded the NM Attack program when Coach Bree and Coach Lindsey were in middle school. Our teams have always been open open to anyone who loved the game and wanted to work hard (although it swung both ways for those who weren’t up for the challenge). We never had tryouts or replaced a player because they weren’t good enough – it was Coach Rode’s job to make them better. Now, nearly two decades later, Bree and Lindsey are quality coaches, investing their lives in the next generation.

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The “off season” is the Individual’s In Season!

Our objective as a club is to meet the needs of our athletes individually, utilizing competition to teach team concepts and allowing them the freedom to insert new individual skills into their game.
Working on a player’s weaknesses one on one is difficult for a middle school or high school coach because of constraints put on them by them by the NMAA. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a limitation. We support the school teams our athlete’s play for. We train their athletes during the off-season so they have more to offer team when they return.
Some High School coaches are concerned about athletes transferring if they play for club teams. Coach Rode has seven kids and although they went to several different high schools, none of them transferred after choosing one to attend. Our official position is that transfers are a personal decision made by an athlete’s family to do what’s in the best interest their child. It is 100% their choice. We advise the parents that many of the problems that an athlete encounters resurface when they get to a different school and the chances of the situation getting worse are equal to the chances of them getting better.

We advise parents of middle school athletes to do their homework, to make academics the number one priority and make sure their “first choice” afforded to them by state law is well thought out.

As we define the long-term goals for our student athletes, we discuss the options each one has as they move from high school to college. If their intent is to play at the next level, we evaluate their ability and discuss the kind of training and grades that will be required to reach that goal. We also assist them in finding the appropriate division of college ball and walk them through the recruiting process.

Coach Bree and LaReylle played at Cal Berkeley and Bree was the first assistant at Dominican University. Recruiting is a business and we understand a bit about how it’s played. It’s not only important to navigate the recruiting process but to understand what the expectations are of a college athlete. They must be prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for the intense demands on their time and body.

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The SAHQ family stays very involved with our college athletes and we continue to support through the ups and downs of college sports. On average, very few NM kids are placed in collegiate programs and too many of them don’t make it through to graduation. We would like to change those odds – The younger we start preparing them, the better.

Realtime Recruits is one of the ways we can market a player to hundreds of schools with the click of a button. It’s a personal website that has every bit of information a college coach needs to evaluate you, your academics and your athletic performance, right at their fingertips. CC Rode was our first test on Realtime Recruits and she received a full ride scholarship to a JC in Arizona just off the website content – the coach never saw her play. Two years later, she’s received offers from 4-year schools based on her performance at the JC. You can see her website at and one of our SoCal players,

Please don't let money ever be the reason for not participating in SAHQ programs, if you need assistance please contact Coach Charlotte at We will always find a way to make it work