Team Training

Our team training is one of the best ways to build team chemistry, create an environment that tests their communication, physical and mental abilities. We focus on footwork, strength and sports specific training for all sports at all ages.

Having a team-work on conditioning, footwork, speed and agility during their pre or post season is a big deal to the individual success of each player. Doing the work together and having the team learn how to communicate and push each other through hard times is a component that most teams have to spend a lot of time in practice trying to figure out, sometimes it never happens or happens very late in the season. SAHQ provides an environment that pushes them past their comfort zone as a team and helps build that team chemistry before the season starts or outside of team practice time. As a team they learn how to embrace being uncomfortable so that they have the edge collectively come game time.

$100 Per Session (1hr 10 min)

**Student Discounts And SAHQ Member Discounts available

**10 players = $10 per athlete

**Team Training Offered at your location: e-mail for pricing and schedule

Please don't let money ever be the reason for not participating in SAHQ programs, if you need assistance please contact Coach Charlotte at We will always find a way to make it work