Our zoom program was created for children ages 3-6 years old. We focus on interactive movement, communication, stretching, balance, hand/eye coordination, body awareness and sports. We have created a curriculum that incorporates colors, numbers, spatial awareness and literacy in their “training”.

Our zoom room was built to engage their imagination through sports and movement in a creative environment. Our zoom trainers include assistant coaches who participate in our D1 and D2 classes, giving our mid school and high school students the opportunity to become mentors and hone their leadership skills. Our Zoomies look up to our older athletes and thrive on their encouragement. We are all SAHQ FAMILY!

Our Zoom Program includes two groups, Zoom White and Zoom Red. Placement in each group is determined by the coaches in order to create the best learning environment. Our objective is to move kids through the zoom program, preparing them to succeed in the D2 SAHQ class and Attack Camps as they turn 7 years old.

The zoom class is run on a 6-week schedule that aligns with the Adult RIPT program. At the conclusion of each 6 weeks, we have a 7th week that is free. We accept registration for the next segment during this time and ask members to make a donation of supplies. ie. toilet paper, trash bags, printing paper, cleaning products etc. We encourage everyone to bring a friend each day during the transition week to try out class for free. Our programs are built primarily though word of mouth.

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$80 per session (6 weeks) **Discount for Students and / or Current SAHQ - RIPT members
Zoom White Class Schedule (45 min classes) Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 noon
Saturday 12:00 noon
Zoom Red Class Schedule (45 min classes) Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 noon
Saturday 12:00 noon
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Limited Space available for each class.

Please don't let money ever be the reason for not participating in SAHQ programs, if you need assistance please contact Coach Charlotte at coachrode@gmail.com. We will always find a way to make it work